Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of warranty do you offer with your new home?

We offer a one year warranty on new home construction.

Can you provide a list of references so we can talk to other homeowners how your services were in the past.

Yes, please contact us directly and we will provide you phone numbers and contacts of people that we have done business with before.

How do I make changes and upgrades during the home building process. What is your process for doing this.

You can easily make changes through our "Change Order" form. Anytime you have something you'd like to change or add we would like you to talk to us first, so we could offer suggestions and ideas, and then we would have a change order form filled out. Remember, there is always extra costs added to upgrades and changes.

How long will it take to build my home.

An average new home construction will typically take 3-5 months to complete; however we will be upfront with you from the start, and help determine a tentative move in date.